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Our automated and computer-controlled plant is based on severeal tecnological units >> Scheme 1

Die automatische und manuell betriebene Anlage für die Pulverbeschichtung von Metall

*Scheme 1
The control computer covers each step of the production process with its device containing about 500 alarms. Such technology ensures complete control of the entire process, which reduces human factor to minimum, increasing the quality of the final product..


Pre-tretment is carried out in a 43 meter long, 1,8 meter broad and 6 meter high tunnel in which a maximum of 16 phases of treatment are carried out in four sections (depending on type of material to be coated). Standard pre-tretment of aluminium (and aluminium alloys) includes cleaning, degreasing, etching, desmutting, conversion coating (chrome-free) and demi-water rinsing (with tap water rinsing between each stage of pretreatment). Steel pretreatment includes cleaning, degreasing, conversion coating (chrome-free) and demi-water rinsing (with tap water rinsing between each stage of pretreatment). The chemical action effect in the tunnel is more effective than in tanks, which creates a significantly higher quality of pre-treatment.


Pre-treated products are forwarded to the drying owen, where the products are dried at the 100ºC


The powder booths room contains both automatic and manually-controlled powder application booth. Magic Cylinder powder aplication booth by ITW GEMA enables fast powder changes, and its programming possibillity allowes various powder aplication, according to customers requests, leading to high quality of the final product and short terms of delivery.


The last phase of the production process is curing of powder. It's carried out in curing owen, according to powder producer's specification, usually at 160-180 ºC. Temperature is checked all the time with stationary sensors and moving probe to ensure constant temperature in every part of the owen for demanded period.


After cooling, process is finished with packing. Products are being stacked, which are then delivered into the transport area, equipped with bridge-crane and electric forklifter to avoid damaging products during transport manipulations. Packing is performed by automatic wrapping and stacking machine, using non transparent film with UV protection.There is possibility for machine protecting of plate sheets with adhesive non transparent film with UV protection.




The transport of products within the plant is carried out with a bridge-crane and electric forklifter so the possibility of damaging the products has been reduced to minimum. Within the plant there is a hall for acceptance and sorting of products. At the very end of the technological process, powder coated products reach the facility designed for packing, sorting and final product delivery.


IPK meets highest ecological standards prescribed by the European Comunity. Thus, the plant is equipped with waste water plant. Part of the water is recycled to the production cycle and the waste water released by neutralization of chemicals is free of all harmfull substances and satisfies requirements for release of water in the sewer system.

Quality control lab

In our quality control lab, quality of powder coated surface (thickness of layer, adhesion, shine, elasticity, hardness, resistance to shock, abrasion and and aging is beeing tested regularly, according to GSB, Qualicoat or ISO standards regulations. Furthermore, a complete surveillance of chemicals for pre-treatment tunnel is constantly in process.

Quality Guarantee

IPK d.o.o. has a certificate of quality management system ISO 9001, environmental management system ISO 14001, licenses Qualicoat and Qualideco and licensed by the German Association of the GSB.


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